Make sure you have the right grading/drainage/paving design for your site
At RW Engineering we make sure that all of our grading/drainage/paving designs are effective and efficient no matter how challenging the terrain while also complying with all applicable Federal, State, and Local regulations. The interaction between the grading, drainage and paving designs of a site all contribute to the site’s sustainability and environmental impact. At RW Engineering we work with you to make sure that the design characteristics that you’re looking for work with the environment, terrain, and any applicable regulations.

Grading and drainage design is crucial for both the immediate safety and long term viability of your project. Proper grading and drainage design will help to cope with seasonal precipitation as well as more extreme weather events. In addition proper design will ensure that erosion is not a long-term issue and that all roadways, structures, and adjacent properties will be protected from your design improvements.

The professionals of RW Engineering have extensive experience working with a large number of permeable and non-permeable paving solutions. While not appropriate for every project, permeable paving offers several environmental advantages moving forward. Permeable paving is an important component in Low Impact Development (LID), a process for land development in the United States that attempts to minimize impacts on water quality.