3D Laser Scanning

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R.W. Engineering & Surveying is committed to utilizing the latest in surveying technologies to service our clients’ expanding needs.  Our 3D Scanning Division utilizes a range of aerial, mobile and terrestrial scanning systems as an extension of our commitment to getting the job done right, on time and on budget.

Scanning Services:

  • Mobile LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging)
    • Road and rail Surveys
    • Telecommunication and electric asset Surveys
    • Volumetric Analysis 
    • Topographic Survey
  • Aerial LiDAR
    • Mass volumetric Surveying
    • Large Scale topographic surveys
  • Terrestrial (fixed position) Scanning
    • Interior Building Scans
    • Facility As-Builts
    • Topographic Surveys
    • Bridge Surveys
    • High risk environment surveys

What types of projects does 3D scanning excel:

    • Digital Twin / 3D As-builts
      • Industrial Asset Management
        • Virtual site visits
        • Geotagged assets to smart P&IDs
        • Intelligent Inspection
        • Pipe/Conduit routing
        • Adaptive Reuse documentation
        • Asset Lifecycle documentation
      • BIM
        • Collision Avoidance and Clash Detection
        • Pre-Engineering thru Post-Construction site documentation
      • 3D Modeling
        • Cataloged Materials
        • Baseline data for design
        • Post-construction deviation analysis
        • Marketing Materials
    • Volumetric analysis
      • Material stockpiles
      • Quarry/Mining quantities
      • Low risk data capture
    • Infrastructure, Roadways, Bridges and Dams
      • Bridge Inspection
        • Scan data + geotagged images
      • Road/Infrastructure Improvement Survey
        • Can capture data without stopping traffic
        • Mobile Lidar has very high capture rate
      • Deviation/Deformation/Damage analysis of Dams
        • Can safely capture data from a distance
    • Pre-construction Scanning
      • Baseline data for impact of construction on surrounding area
      • Pre-Engineering site documentation
      • Crane lift planning/documentation
    • Scanning in High-Risk Areas
      • High Voltage
      • Traffic
      • Fall Risk
      • Chemical Exposure
      • Radiation Exposure
    • Site Documentation
      • Virtual Site Walk-Throughs
      • Insurance claim protection/verification
      • Historical Preservation
    • QA/QC
      • Collision Avoidance and Clash Detection
      • Deviation Analysis
      • Deformation Analysis

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