Do you need an As-Built Survey?
If you’re not sure please take a minute to give the information below a quick read. If you need an As-Built survey, please contact the professionals at RW Engineering & Surveying.

What is an As-Built Survey?
An As-Built survey is a record of location of the improvements “as they are built” during construction. The final location of construction improvements such as sewer pipes, buildings, utilities and pavement can be different than the original design location. Unforeseeable difficulties during construction may have required changes in the field to the original design. An As-built survey is a set of record drawings of the final location of the field changes for future reference.

Why do you need an As-Built survey?
As-Built surveys are commonly required during the construction of public works or government projects. It is important to record the location of improvements as they are being built as the window of opportunity to record the location can be short. Sewer pipe is a prime example where an As-Built survey is beneficial. Storm Sewer and sanitary sewer are constructed in a trench that will be backfilled. Before the trench is filled, an As-Built survey can be performed using surveying equipment to record the location of the pipe before the trench is filled and compacted.

What do I get when I hire a Land Surveyor to perform an As-Built Survey?
The end product provided to the client can vary based upon the needs of the client. In some cases a hard copy of the project plans with the changes in red can be provided. In other cases, a CADD file drawing with changes can be provided. The As-Built deliverable should be discussed with the client prior to the start of the survey to ensure the end product meets the needs of the client.

If you need an As-Built survey or have any questions please contact the professionals at RW Engineering & Surveying.