RW was approached by a national General Contracting company with a difficult situation. Their site was approximately halfway through the process of installing structural steel when the site superintendent noticed that something was not right. Was it the control? Was it the Anchor bolts? Was it the steel itself? The only thing for certain was that the installed steel was out of plumb, and every contractor had a different opinion on how that had happened (and who was responsible).

RW was tasked with collecting data on the control, anchor bolts, and the structural steel for accuracy and for general condition. With site activities facing a very expensive standby, the need for a very quick and comprehensive survey dictated that we utilize a combination of traditional and 3D scanning technologies to survey the site. The resulting 3D dataset provided all the necessary information for the construction management team to determine that one of the steel beams was incorrectly installed causing the entire structure to be pulled out of plumb. The beam was replaced, and the project was able to move forward with minimal interruption to the project.