General Contractor: Luxa Construction, Lamp Rynearson

The Westbury Creek Phase 2 project expands the existing Phase 1 neighborhood at 216th and F Street in Elkhorn, Nebraska. Elkhorn is a rapidly expanding community, and many neighborhoods are being constructed in the area. Luxa Construction has a great reputation and is very proficient in their operations. RW Engineering provided 3D Stringless Machine Control models for paving and grading operations to Luxa Construction. The 3D models provided were used for the overall site grading as well as the paving for each roadway in neighborhood. The total length of roadway for this project was approximately 5,300 linear feet. RW Engineering also provided survey support for this project, which included setting up all stringless control points, calibrating the site for the project team, and ensuring accurate tie-ins to existing roadways. RW was in constant contact with Lamp Rynearson to get questions answered that arose from the plan set and communicated all changes or revisions to the Luxa team members as well. To keep the construction team moving forward, all the deliverables that the team needed were uploaded to OneDrive where the team members could access them quickly and easily.