Council Bluffs Interstate System Improvement Program

General Contractors: Ames Construction, Cramer & Associates, Hawkins Construction

RW has been providing construction surveying services for the Council Bluffs Interstate System for over a decade. We have been involved with every project listed below, starting with:

2007:  24th Street Bridge
2008:  I-80 Missouri River Bridge
2014:  US 275/Iowa 92 Interchange
2015:  East System Interchange
2015:  Railroad Relocation

2016:  Madison Avenue Interchange
2016:  Dual Divided Freeway
2016:  West System Interchange
2017:  Nebraska Avenue Interchange/UPRR bridge.

Construction surveying work included, but was not limited to, roadway items, bridge items, signage items, lighting and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) items, storm sewer items, ridge inclusions, wick drains, settlement plate monitoring, and multiple as-built surveys.