Roadway Reconstruction/Rehabilitation
RW Engineering & Surveying consists of trained professional personnel who have extensive experience in the design of roads for cities and counties, as well as related work such as sidewalks, curbs, ADA ramps, driveway aprons and parking lots. The projects typically include horizontal and vertical alignment with full depth restoration of roadways, asphalt pavement overlays where practical, and the reusing of curbs and gutters or replacement with new when necessary…

Preliminary/Final Design
From a local subdivision to a rural or urban roadway, the RW Engineering design group is capable of making sure your project is designed correct and done right. We use state-of-the-art three-dimensional modeling, project web sites, cost estimating, and critical path construction scheduling to meet project schedules and budgets…

Alternative Evaluation
There are many times in life when a second opinion is a valuable thing to have. Any time you’re going to put time and resources into a project it’s important to both examine alternatives and ensure that you have a plan B. When you’re looking for an alternative evaluation for your project contact RW Engineering.

Grading/Drainage/Paving design
At RW Engineering we make sure that all of our grading/drainage/paving designs are effective and efficient no matter how challenging the terrain while also complying with all applicable Federal, State, and Local regulations. The interaction between the grading, drainage and paving designs of a site all contribute to the site’s sustainability and environmental impact.