Working within the boundaries of a parcel can be challenging enough but working within the boundaries of an existing curb & gutter can test the skills of any design team. Robert’s Park was paved in exactly that way, challenged by existing conditions RW was able to improve drainage conditions while staying within the boundaries of an existing gravel parking lot.

Our responsibilities included: site grading, parking lot design and layout, and post bid services included shop drawing review, SWPPP inspections, and on-site material testing coordination and observation.

When working with the City of Omaha Parks Department we always ask ourselves, have we met the needs of our clients, and the public these facilities serve? In the case of Robert’s Park, RW provided detailed surveys to better understand the drainage within the parking lots boundaries. RW then designed the new parking lot to utilize existing inlets while adding to the safety and longevity of the parking lots surfacing.

City of Omaha Parks & Rec.

Roberts Park Parking Lot Construction



RW staff involved:
Russell Falconer, PE
Scott Braun, PE
Dustin Shropshire